CATCH Carbon Catcher Project.

We were approached by CATCH and the Humber Industrial Cluster Plan to develop a campaign in collaboration with Docks Beers to raise awareness and understanding of industrial decarbonisation and carbon capture in the Humber region.

Our designer Kirk created a new superhero character named “Carbon Catcher” and illustrated a short comic strip that would be used as artwork for a new Low Carbon craft beer and educational website.

The campaign is featured across different media channels, including beer cans, beer mats, a dedicated landing page and a 6′ tall cutout of the hero character. We incorporated a QR code on the cans, beer mats, and the Carbon Catcher’s belt on the cut-out which leads people to the landing page and provides more information on the campaign.

Green Carbon Catcher fights climate change with their innovative Carbon Catcher Project.
A shelf holding a collection of carbonated beer cans.
Green Carbon Catcher Character with carbon emissions catch project - the capture - Catch.
Carbon crush pilsner.
Low carbon IPA brewed as part of the Carbon Catcher Project.
Two men posing in front of a Green Carbon Catcher Character with carbon emissions catch project. promoting the CATCH project.
The Carbon Catcher Project is desperately trying to catch the escaped critters causing havoc.
Enter the Carbon Catcher Project.
A comic strip featuring a Green Lantern using the Carbon Catcher Project to capture a Yellow Ball.
An image of a comic book cover featuring the expression "nooooooooooooo" referring to the Carbon Catcher Project.