Yeah Buoy! - a product range for Waitrose.

Our team were responsible for the complete branding and packaging design of the Yeah Buoy! range of fish ready meals for Waitrose Stores, manufactured by Flatfish.

This included the development of the product name, as well as the creation of the brand identity and packaging style. We worked closely with Flatfish to brainstorm ideas for a unique and impactful brand name and then proposed a selection of options to Waitrose for consideration. Once the final name was chosen, it was registered with the Intellectual Property Office as a registered trademark.

In addition to the name, logo design and branding we created the final artwork for the packaging, working closely to guidelines provided by Waitrose. We ensured that the final result was visually appealing and accurately represented the product inside.

The Sourcefour team played a vital role in the successful launch of the Yeah Buoy! range and we are proud of the finished product!

Yeah Buoy! package of mature cheddar cheese baked in a plastic container.
Yeah Buoy! South Indian couscous in a plastic container - a Waitrose product range.
A black and white illustration of the word 'Yeah Buoy!' on a white background, part of the product range for Waitrose.
Yeah Buoy! - a cheesy cheddar cod bake from Waitrose.
Yeah Buoy's South Indian curry cod bake for Waitrose.
Yeah Buoy! - a package of nature cheddar cod bake for Waitrose.
Yeah Buoy! South Indian curry cod bake package.