Sourcefour designer Kirk holding both Docks Beers x Beer52 craft beer cans

Docks Beers x Beer52 – A refreshing collaboration!

Sourcefour was recently approached by a regular client and local brewery Docks Beers with the goal of creating can artwork for two new collab beers which were being brewed alongside wholesale craft beer giant Beer52.
These two tasty craft beers are being brewed ready for Beer52’s “One’s to Watch” Box, an annual craft beer box, jam-packed with canned and bottled beers from upcoming breweries from around the world.

Beer #1 - 99 Problems.

Docks Beers x Beer52 99 Problems Ice Cream IPA keg badge
Docks Beers x Beer52 99 Problems Ice Cream IPA illustrated can artwork

The first step for creating artwork for this refreshing Ice Cream IPA was to come up with a name. After much deliberation, we settled on “99 Problems”, a tongue-in-cheek combination of the seaside classic 99 Flake Ice Cream Cone and Jay-Z’s 2004 hit single, 99 Problems from the much-loved “The Black Album”.

Sourcefour designer Kirk hand-illustrated the can artwork in the recognisable Docks Beers style of bold line work and bright colours (inspired by everyone’s favourite iconic brand of flaky chocolate) with a Pop Art twist.

The 330ml can artwork features a summery version of Docks’ Hard Graft welder wearing sunglasses and a sun hat, attempting to enjoy a 99 Flake Ice Cream Cone as she is surrounded by wasps (the arch nemesis of the ice cream cone).

Beer #2 - Sou’wester Cold IPA.

Docks Beers x Beer52 Sou'wester Cold IPA illustrated can artwork
Docks Beers x Beer52 Sou'wester Cold IPA keg badge

Sou’wester, a Cold IPA named after the waterproof rain hats associated with offshore fishermen, is a fitting tribute to Grimsby Docks and its vast fishing heritage.

Kirk’s hand-drawn artwork for this beer features a fisherman in stormy seas complete with namesake Sou’wester hat. The colour palette of striking yellow blended with grey accents bring emphasis to the hard and troubling weather at sea. This design really stirs up feelings of brash waves beating against the hull of our historic Grimbarian fishing trawlers.

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