Docks Beers x North Brewing Co Space Invaders inspired can artwork

Docks Beers x North Brewing Co – Ready Drinker One

Sourcefour was recently approached by our friends at Docks Beers to help create memorable can artwork for their latest collaboration brew with Leeds-based brewery North Brewing Co.

The brew was to be an unconventional IPA that utilises the latest techniques and ingredients from the bleeding edge of science and hop research.

What was the project brief?

We were tasked with creating modern artwork for a 440ml beer can for two highly respected UK breweries. The beer was to be named “FUTUREPROOF” owing to the futuristic brewing techniques that were used to create it.

We were given a loose brief that encompassed creating a pastiche of the game Space Invaders while incorporating both the North Brewing and the Docks Beers logo.

How did we answer the brief?

Sourcefour designer Kirk holding 440ml can of Docks Beers x North Brewing Co collab FUTUREPROOF
Docks Beers x North Brewing Co FUTUREPROOF Unconventional IPA can artwork

Sourcefour designer Kirk decided to create a beer-themed Space Invaders game screen for the label. He started by sketching ideas for game sprites that included beer/brewing-themed alien invaders, Docks Beers buildings and a North Brewing Co. alien mothership.

These sketches were then drawn up as pixel art and integrated with a full game screen that was created in Adobe Illustrator.

The last step in this process was to give a hint of authenticity to the game screen. Kirk then took his illustration and used Adobe Photoshop to superimpose the graphic onto a traditional CRT computer monitor complete with brewery-branded stickers and the beer name stylised as an embossed label maker sticker.

Elements from the finished can artwork were then used to create a keg badge

Game Over...

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