Docks Beers illustrated drinks.

Since 2018, we have been doodling away at a diverse group of ‘grafters’ to adorn the wide range of brews produced by our friends at Docks Beers.

Each can of beer and bottle of spirit, hand illustrated by senior designer Kirk and art directed by our MD Rob was crafted to reflect Docks’ ‘hard graft’ and ‘never say die’ ethic. The “Hard Graft” welder has become the unofficial face of the Docks brand.

Docks Beers core range cans
Elbow Grease artwork - Docks Beers
Brut Force can artwork Docks Beers
Docks beers pump clips
Overtime artwork - Docks Beers
Kirk Arnold, designer at Sourcefour holding a can of Docks Beers "Fruits Of Our Labour" and "Low Tide"
True Grit artwork - Docks Beers
Fruits of Labour can artwork during the creation process
Docks Beers Fruits of Labour can artwork
Docks Beers illustration of Zane Powles
Docks Beers Freight - Dark Spiced Rum Bottle Art
Docks Beers Stevedore Spiced Rum bottle artwork