Working with children to impact climate change

Working with local children to impact climate change

The children at East Ravendale Church of England Primary School (part of Lincoln Anglian Academy Trust) are working with other Trust schools and local businesses on projects which aim to have an impact on Climate Change in our world.

The children have been developing their ideas, and following a meeting with Re:think Food, they’re now starting a sustainable growing project in our school. When the group first met, they were keen to have a logo to promote their group and for when they are communicating with other businesses. We were thrilled when Robert Pritchard, managing director of Sourcefour Design, agreed to meet with the children and subsequently offered to mentor the children and help with the design of their logo. Sourcefour gave up their time for free to help with this initiative.

Ann Marie Wilson, Head of East Ravendale School said; “Sourcefour Design is an incredible company that is dedicated to helping the environment and making an impact on the world. They have mentored our students on creating logos for their environmental initiatives, and we are thrilled with how they turned out!”

“Our students were able to meet with Robert Pritchard, managing director of Sourcefour Design, who offered to mentor them in designing their own logo. We cannot thank him enough for his time, as well as the rest of the team at Sourcefour Design!”