S4 develops ground-breaking online University for major Google campus client


Now, thanks to proversity.org, a revolutionary new online resource and the first of its kind, world-class employers can develop and deliver tailored courses to the talented individuals they want to recruit – direct. proversity.org is based at the Google Campus in the heart of London’s Tech City. But the technological brains behind this pioneering initiative is Grimsby-based graphic design and website company SourceFour Design Consultants.

Unlike conventional higher education, proversity.org courses are free to learners. Every course leads to certification and the chance to apply for a professional role. Also, unlike the first-generation of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) which tend to be delivered by educational institutions, this learning comes direct from employers across a host of backgrounds including the nuclear, automotive, financial, pharmaceuticals and technical industries. As a result organisations can tailor the specific skills they need to compete in tomorrow’s marketplace and thrive.

For employers, proversity.org enables them to attract, engage and recruit a vital talent pipeline, ensuring the right fit via a seamless online interface. For learners, proversity.org enables them to get a head start over the competition by gaining and learning how to apply valuable knowledge – direct from the organisations offering those opportunities.

proversity.org specifically chose Grimsby-based SourceFour Design Consultants as a partner in this project because of its reputation for combining outstanding design with the latest technological advances across a variety of interactive platforms from websites, mobile websites and e-commerce to content management systems, marketing videos, e-marketing and social media.

Commenting on this ground-breaking development, proversity’s Chairman, Carl Dawson says: “Finding the level of expertise in the UK to design and build a system as cutting edge as this was incredibly difficult – so difficult, in fact, that we were having to resort to companies in the Ukraine and USA until we found SourceFour. Britain should be proud that we are setting the agenda for education and technology and not following the crowd.”