A person raising awareness of industrial decarbonisation by holding up a can of aardvark green.

Raising awareness and understanding of industrial decarbonisation

Sourcefour are excited to announce our latest collaboration with CATCH and Docks Beers! We’ve created a new superhero character called “Carbon Catcher” to help raise awareness and understanding of industrial decarbonisation and the opportunities it brings to the people of the Humber. Our talented designer Kirk has brought Carbon Catcher to life with a fun and engaging comic book style that captures the imagination of everyone who sees it.

Katie Hedges, Director of Membership & Low Carbon Strategy, explains, “We wanted to launch a new beer with Docks Beers to raise awareness of the opportunities that our region has. They have come up with a beer that focuses the mind on all things lower carbon in industry and one which we hope will help cement in the minds of local people their active role in making this net zero ambition happen.”

Our Carbon Catcher campaign is being featured across different media channels, including beer cans, beer mats, cardboard cut-outs, and a dedicated landing page. We’ve even incorporated a QR code on the cans, beer mats, and on the superhero’s belt on the cardboard cut-out, which leads people to the landing page and provides more information on the campaign.

We’re proud to have created a cohesive and impactful campaign that resonates with a wide audience. Visit the landing page and let us know what you think of Carbon Catcher and Carbon Crush!

Enter The Carbon Catcher!