Nurtrio was formed by the coming together of three local social care providers Ace Homecare, Care4All and NAViGO Extra.

We came up with the name by working with the client on hosted scoping sessions with employees. We looked at the brand, tone of voice, imagery and general look and feel. We presented our findings/ideas and our initial concepts as rough ideas and mood boards and discussed various potential options for the branding. The Nurtrio name came from the two words in our scoping session, nurture (because they help people) and trio (three companies coming together to form one).

We presented various concept ideas to the client and guided them through this process until a preferred route was agreed upon. We then designed a full brand guideline document for Nurtrio, creating a suite of templates for each of their branded materials. The branding included provisions for their social media assets, press advert, brochures, signage, clothing and much more!

Nurtrio brand guidelines document front cover
Nurtrio lanyard and ID card with full colour branding
Nurtrio brand guidelines document shown open
Social media branding for Nurtrio
Nurtrio header image with "Who are we?" slogan
Nurtrio logo branding on a polo shirt in brand colours
Alternate Nurtrio polo shirt design for brand guidelines