Kasbah Film Qtr.

Following the release of the hit Netflix series “Bodies”, which was partly filmed in Grimsby Docks, we were recently tasked by ABP Humber to create a brand identity for Grimsby’s famous Kasbah as a filming location to be known as Kasbah Film Qtr.

ABP planned to launch this new brand at FOCUS 2023 in London – a prolific trade event for those in the creative screen industries, and the S4 team were on hand to provide everything they needed for the event, including branding, location photography, animations, promotional banners and printed materials.

A vibrant collage of images capturing the architectural beauty, bustling streets, and an aerial view of a helicopter in the lively Kasbah Film Quarter.
Open copies of the Kasbah Film Qtr printed brochure showing a map and photography of Grimsby's Kasbah
Kasbah Film Qtr exhibition stand and banner on display at the FOCUS 2023 event in Islington, London
Kasbah Film Qtr printed brochure on display at FOCUS 2023 event in Islington, London