Docks Beers x size? Seaside Gift Box

Oh I do like to be beside the sea-size?

Docks Beers recently approached Sourcefour regarding working on a collaboration project with global footwear and clothing retailer size?

We were tasked with creating stand-out illustrations for three beers that were to be launched alongside the Adidas Originals Seaside Series collaboration with size? – an exclusive trio of retro-feel Adidas Originals Baltic Cup trainers inspired by three of the UK’s most loved coastal locations.

A background on the Seaside Series.

adidas originals size?event docks beers seaside series trainers and beers
adidas originals size?event docks beers seaside series reverend and the makers on stage

The Seaside Series from size? and Adidas Originals is inspired by an earlier collab where the trainer giants worked together to create the now renowned and sought after ‘Island Series’ and ‘City Series’. This time though the range focuses on iconic places a little closer to home, namely Blackpool, Brighton and our local seaside resort Cleethorpes. 

Each shoe is inspired by a memorable location in each town – Blackpool’s Ballroom, Brighton’s Pavilion, and Cleethorpes’ Marklews Fisheries chip shop. All three trainers are a true tribute to these seaside towns, featuring the beginning of each postcode on the inside of the tongue, and with the lace tips representing each area’s football team.

These exciting trainers launched nationally and brought some much-needed attention to the UK’s coastal towns and their related industries.

Find out more about the Seaside Series over on the size? blog.

Turning the tide on can designs!

Sourcefour’s MD Rob and senior designer Kirk first met with the Docks team to discuss the brief and the trainers, including the inspirations behind their colour schemes.

The original concept suggested by the Docks Beers and size? teams was to illustrate recognisable landmarks from each resort. After some discussion, Sourcefour suggested a more light-hearted theme with bold and fun illustrations focussing on traditional seaside imagery such as postcards, fish and chips and seaside amusement arcades. Each illustration would feature a recognisable landmark from each town as added detail and the colours would match the accompanying trainer.

Rob proposed the concept of designing a box to accommodate the beers in the style of an Adidas shoe box, including collectable postcards of each beer design to accompany the set.

The design process started with creating a seaside-themed mood board before settling on three final themes. Kirk then created some rough pencil drawings and concept sketches before illustrating the final 440ml can designs.

Docks Beers x size? "BN1" craft beer can illustration by Sourcefour's Kirk


BN1 is a heavy-hitting, dry-hopped IPA with a striking can design that features Brighton Pavillion. The can uses a Blue and Cream colour scheme and features a hand-illustrated female character enjoying a stick of rock. This can as well as the rest of the Seaside Giftbox feature both Docks Beers and size? branding in the form of logos that run on a small trim at the bottom of each can.

Docks Beers x size? "FY1" craft beer can illustration by Sourcefour's Kirk


FY1 is a soft and juicy hazy pale ale with aromas of guava, gooseberry, mango and orange. This sessionable beer can artwork features a character banging on the glass of an iconic seaside 2p pusher machine. The background features a motif of Blackpool Tower combined with a striped maroon and mustard setting.

Docks Beers x size? "DN35" craft beer can illustration by Sourcefour's Kirk


DN35 is a light and refreshing lager with a hint of lemon. This striking can (our personal favourite – no bias!) features a trio of seagulls stealing chips from a discarded box. The background features the Cleethorpes beach staple –  the big wheel and fun slide. DN35 also utilises the same colour palette which is used for the DN35 trainers and Marklews chip shop – a local treasure.

Designing the glassware and box.

Docks Beers x size? Seaside Gift Box
Docks Beers x size? glassware design by Sourcefour
adidas originals size?event docks beer can design seaside series
adidas originals size?event docks beers postcard design seaside series

Kirk created a design that combines elements from all three of the can and postcard illustrations to create a stylish Docks and size? branded beer glass.

The box:
The box was designed to resemble an Adidas shoe box, complete with ‘stickers’ on the side of the box showing the contents of the box in the style of a shoe size chart.


We absolutely loved working on this project! We were given essentially free rein in terms of design and both clients seem to be thrilled with the end result. 

The beers were sold at an exclusive launch event at Docks Academy, Docks Beers’ up-and-coming live entertainment venue. The event audience was made up of 300 Adidas fans from all over the UK, some of whom made the pilgrimage to Grimsby to see the shoes, drink the beers and watch the bands.

Our MD Rob was lucky enough to be invited to attend this fantastic event that included music from Reverend and the Makers and Grimsby’s very own Lloyd Griffith as MC. See the below video of the event from the size? YouTube channel.

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