NHS Training Videos Make a Real Impact

As part of our work with the NHS we were tasked with creating a series of training videos focused around real life scenarios and the possible outcomes.

The first phase of the project saw S4, working in partnership with the NHS to develop an understanding of the values of the staff and the organisation. Through extensive research S4 conceptualised a campaign, which would aide the NHS in boosting current staff morale, improve staff training and aide recruitment of future staff with a strong focus on making the NHS an employer of choice.

The S4 and the NHS team came up with four scenarios, each scenario having two different outcomes. The purpose of the videos was to demonstrate to staff  challenging situations and how the outcome of these can have an impact on staff morale, working relationships and ultimately the patient.

The first version of each scenario showing ‘how not to’ react to a situation and the second giving members of staff a better idea of how to cope when presented with certain situations.

The scenarios covered misuse of social media in the work place, patient confidentiality, mutual respect between members of staff and departments and helping new members of staff in the workplace.

Our scriptwriter worked closely with the NHS team to ensure that videos not only covered the topics and situations, but that they were true to the NHS workplace. This meant ensuring the correct language was used within the scripts, and the scenarios described were as realistic as possible in regards to the day-to-day workings of the NHS. It was important to the team that the videos really spoke to NHS staff, and were relatable in both message and vision.

During the process the S4 team arranged and oversaw the whole process from recruiting actors, sourcing locations, full art direction, filming and editing. Which resulted in the production of a highly polished but realistic set of training videos which will be used to educate current and newly recruited staff to the NHS.

An NHS representative said;

‘Using these videos have had a real impact on how we deliver our training to our staff. Being able to see real life scenarios and the possible outcomes, allows us to reinforce the important message of treating one another with respect, the impact this has on our workforce and the care we provide to our patients. S4 were really professional and really captured the essence of what we were trying to portray, thank you.’