How We Designed Sunderland College Apprenticeship Website

Truth be told design is everything. However, there is nothing more rewarding than design that is purposeful and delivers real tangible results. And that’s exactly what this article is all about: the process of designing and developing a website that makes a difference: Sunderland College apprenticeships. Sunderland College is one of the top performing colleges in the North East, with four campuses.

The Brief

The brief was to design an apprenticeship website for the Sunderland College with all the relevant information for the apprentices and employers.

The design

At SourceFour, the first process was to look at core target audiences for the apprenticeships: young people and potential employers in Sunderland. The website had to be effective in providing information but also attractive to both audiences. Young people who are looking for apprenticeships want a website that is simple to maneuver but also provides all the relevant content that they need in a seamless user interface. Similarly, employers are looking for a simple website where the content is easy to use. Due to their time constraints, they want to be able to access the information in real-time with ease.

The development

SourceFour developed the website with the idea that layout should be easy to use and clutter-free. The idea was to ensure that apprentices and employers are able to find all the relevant information within a short-time. The development team ensured that the website loaded very fast and in keeping with the brand guidelines of Sunderland College, the colour scheme is a reflection of the college and easily recognisable.

The Results

The result is a website that is beautifully designed and engaging both for apprentices and for business organisation. It is built with simple user interface so that visitors are not lost with complex pages or unnecessary content. So far the feedback has been positive as Ellen Thinnesen Sunderland College principal and chief executive said: “The launch of this site is a real step forward for the college, in terms of creating an engaging platform through which we can share with people and businesses the many benefits of apprenticeships.”

Design should be impactful and purposeful and we believe that the Sunderland College Apprenticeship website can attest to that. The college principal believes that the site will become a place where apprenticeships can find real opportunities to towards their careers and that’s satisfying to us.

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