Building a Brand – Docks Beers

Born and brewed in Grimsby. Docks Beers – Grimsby’s only commercial brewery – are already making huge waves in the craft beer industry.

And when we heard the plans and concept for Docks Beers we knew the branding needed to be as bold and impactful as the idea itself. Although Docks Beers was the brainchild and ‘son’ of Axholme Brewery, it was vital the brand was a stand-alone concept. So with this in mind the S4 team began developing Docks Beers vision into an actuality.

The Docks Beers team affectionately call the taproom where the product is brewed “The Theatre of Beer” and it was with this in mind that we set about creating a big bold theatrical look for the brand but with a modern graphic take.

To stand out, one has to make a statement and the packaging for Docks Beers packs a punch, not just standing out from crowd but positively leaping. The designs are audacious and gutsy to reflect the brand’s ethos and location in the heart of Grimsby’s docks area.

The Docks Beers team said:

“It was a no brainer us to work with you. We loved all your concept work and you have delivered superbly on everything: the can designs, website, invitations, posters etc. We are thrilled with the end result and I am confident that we are going to make a big noise in the beer world in 2019. And a lot of this is down to you. Obviously it helps to have great beer in the cans but without your great work we would be just another can on the shelf.”

Docks Beers produce three core beers – Session Pale Ale ‘Hard Graft’, New World IPA ‘Never Say Die’ and a rich smooth Milk Stout and Coconut brew called ‘Graveyard Shift’. Docks Beers are currently in the process of working with us on new additions to the range – watch this space!

Docks Beers Website
Docks Beers Branding
Docks Beers Pump Clip
Docks Beers Branding in Action